Biological Problems

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Endoplasmic Reticulum
Golgi Apparatus
Nuclear Envelope
Nucleus, DNA
Student Cohort Title Technologies Healthcare problem Supervisors
Zainab Ahmed 3rd year PhD DELIVERY BY DESIGN: Increasing the efficiency of nucleic acids drug delivery in the cytosol using artificial/proto cells
Ryan Howard 3rd year PhD Investigating the target profile of a family of novel anti-cancer agents
Ben Lewis 3rd year PhD Imaging G-quadruplex DNA in live cells using FLIM
Florian Song 3rd year PhD Unravelling G-quadruplex DNA dynamics through Markov Graph processes: a combined theoretical and experimental approach
Emma Woodcock 3rd year PhD Vesicles to build chemical libraries (template driven synthesis)
Micol Damiani 1st year PhD Osteopontin as a Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarker in Biofluids for Cholangiocarcinoma
Helena Dodd 1st year PhD Graphene oxide-templated biomolecular nanoclusters to control the Natural Killer cell anti-cancer response
Denise Liano 2nd year PhD Understanding the role of G4 secondary structures in premature ageing disorders by biochemical, structural and genomic characterisation of the human CSB protein.
Mike Lloyd 1st year PhD Single Molecule Strategies for Studying Neurodegenerative Disease
Thomas Pataillot-Meakin 2nd year PhD Improving prostate cancer prognosis via automated sampling and genomic analysis of circulating tumour DNA
Denise Thiel 2nd year PhD Tracking the metabolic footprints of cancer using context---dependent network analysis
Alfred Gatehouse 1st year PhD Cell free DNA size analysis using engineered hydrogel nanopore (EHN) sensors: a non-invasive diagnostic tool for cancer